ISO 9001:2015   CERTIFIED


The assembly of DoubleLife Wash pipes are formed with AISI 4140 material then quenched and tempered to a 57-59 Rockwell "C". Pipes of this kind are used for washing purposes and exceed all OEM standards. Washpipes are the component used along wash over operations.


Mud Hoppers

DoubleLife Mud Hoppers are designed for easy sack-to-hopper transfer. Our 6" hopper has the optional venturi to aid the mixing process, by increasing velocity, thus increasing shear rates. The Mud hopper is powered by the centrifugal pump on the drilling rig.

Double Life Mud hoppers are powered by a centrifugal pump that flows mud at high velocity through a jet nozzle. Our Mud Hoppers are used within the Oil and Gas, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Chemical, & Water Well Drilling industries., Double Life manufactures low pressure, high-volume Mud Hoppers in 4” or 6” sizes that can be used in all types of mud systems. Allowing you to mix up 700lb of material per minute when using a Double Life 6” Venturi. With our low clearance and ease of service, our mud hoppers are an easy choice for a contractor!

Applications include:

  • Mud mixing
  • High-volume mixing
  • Drilling rig
  • HDD
  • Water well drilling
Mud Gun

Mud Guns

DoubleLife Mud Guns are available are bottom mud guns in 2", 3", and 4" sizes. The Double Life two-inch, pivot-type guns with a working pressure of up to 300 psi. The Double Life 2" spinner type mud guns with pressure ratings from 300 to 2000 psi. Double Life Mud guns are for use in solids control systems within drilling rigs or any system that needs additional agitation. These mud guns are great for eliminating settling of solids in tank corners.

Mud Bucket

Mud Buckets

DoubleLife mud buckets are designed to keep the rig floor clean from hazards. Constructed of heavy steel with a Camloc closures ensure years of trouble-free service. Mud buckets control and move drilling fluids during drill floor operations whilst helping reduce slipping accidents by keeping fluids off the drill floor.

Split Bushings

Split Bushings

DoubleLife Split bushings are utilized to reduce friction on the drill pipe. Split tapered bushings are utilized on sheaves, pulleys, sprockets, and gear belt pulleys. Most used for drilling machinery with rotating or sliding shafts to improve efficiency whilst reducing vibration and noise. DoubleLife split bushings help reduce back strain, decrease wear through master bushing and increase safety.

Green Piston


Double Life Manufactures Mud Pump Pistons that lead the industry in durability and design. We offer Standard, High Temperature, and Bull Nose Style Pistons to suit any drilling application. Our High Temperature special formal is rated for up to 300° F. All of our pistons are suitable for 7500PSI.

Applications include:

  • Vertical Drilling
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Well Servicing
  • HDD
  • Water Well Drilling