Core Values

Operating Philosophy

Double Life Corporation has earned the respect of technical experts industry-wide and the confidence of countless customers.  The company rests on the basic concepts of product quality, competitive prices, and a job done environmentally and socially sound.  Double Life Corporation's highest priority is to protect the health and safety of its employees and the protection of the environment.  At Double Life, we believe that all accidents can be prevented through careful planning, communication, training, and hazard recognition.
A safe workplace is achieved through continuous employee training and management's commitment to safety.  Employee participation is achieved through monthly safety meetings and scheduled training sessions.

Quality Control

Our extensive quality control system is evidence of company pride and as a means of developing more satisfied customers.  The prime function of our quality system is to ensure that our products meet the most demanding standards possible - our own.

An Ongoing Concern for Customers

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Our position as being a leading distributor of pumps in the industry results from a commitment to sell quality products.  But before quality can be sold, it must be created and safeguarded.
One thing never changes at Double Life Corporation:  our desire to exceed customer and governmental specifications.


At Double Life Corporation, it is simply the way we do business.


Les Banta

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